Class AttachedDataChecker

All Implemented Interfaces:
StructureChecker, chemaxon.license.Licensable, PropertyChangeListener, Cloneable, EventListener

@PublicAPI public class AttachedDataChecker extends AbstractStructureChecker
A descendant of AbstractStructureChecker detecting attached data in the molecule.
Marvin 5.3
  • Field Details


      public static final String PROPERTY_KEY_EXCLUDED
      This public constant String represents the name of the property which is responsible for the list of excluded data.
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      public static final String PROPERTY_KEY_IS_EXCLUSION_REGEXP
      The name of the property, which is responsible for the decision if the excluded data should be treated as a regular expression instead of a (comma separated) list of strings.
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      public static final String PROPERTY_KEY_SEARCH_EXCLUDED
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      public static final String PROPERTY_KEY_SEARCH_WITH_REGEXP_EXCLUSION
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  • Constructor Details

    • AttachedDataChecker

      public AttachedDataChecker()
      Default constructor. No exclusion is done on data.
    • AttachedDataChecker

      public AttachedDataChecker(Map<String,String> params)
      Parameterized constructor. If "excluded" parameter is given, then the data, that "matches" this parameter value, won't appear in the result. Here "matches" can mean two things:
      • If the "isExclusionRegexp" parameter is not set to "true", then the parameter value is treated as a comma separated list. Any exact match from this list is a match.
      • The parameter is treated as a regular expression otherwise (see Pattern). A match to this regular expression is a match.
      params - a Map instance which contains String pairs. Key is the name of the parameter. (exclusion
  • Method Details

    • check1

      protected StructureCheckerResult check1(Molecule molecule)
      Detects attached data in the molecule
      Specified by:
      check1 in class AbstractStructureChecker
      molecule - the Molecule instance to be checked for problems
      a StructureCheckerResult which represents the problem or null if no problem found
    • getExcluded

      public chemaxon.checkers.util.DataExclusionList getExcluded()
      Any attached data that matches this descriptor won't appear as the result of this checker. (The descriptor can be interpreted as a comma separated list of excluded values or as a regular expression for such values. This is governed by the isExclusionRegexp() property, which can be set through the setExclusionRegexp(boolean) method.)
    • setExcluded

      public void setExcluded(chemaxon.checkers.util.DataExclusionList excluded)
    • isValid

      public boolean isValid()
      Description copied from interface: StructureChecker
      Returns true if the checker's configuration is valid, false otherwise
      Specified by:
      isValid in interface StructureChecker
      isValid in class AbstractStructureChecker
      true if the checker's configuration is valid, false otherwise
    • isExclusionRegexp

      public boolean isExclusionRegexp()
      Tells how to interpret the AtomLabels: A comma separated list or a regular expression. The value can be set through the setExcluded(DataExclusionList) method and retrieved through the getExcluded() method.
      true if the excluded data is a regular expression.
    • setExclusionRegexp

      public void setExclusionRegexp(boolean value)
      Sets if the descriptor of the excluded-data (AtomLabels) should be treated as a regular expression (see also: isExclusionRegexp()
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class AbstractStructureChecker
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object obj)
      equals in class AbstractStructureChecker