Interface StereoConstants

    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static int ANTI
      Non-CIP stereodescriptor, anti (relative configuration).
      static int ATOMSTEREO_EITHER
      Either stereo atom type.
      static int ATOMSTEREO_MASK
      Stereo atom type mask.
      static int ATOMSTEREO_NONE
      No stereo atom type specified.
      static int ATOMSTEREO_SPECIFIC
      Specific stereo atom type.
      static int CHIRALITY_M
      Axially chiral atom with M configuration.
      static int CHIRALITY_MASK
      Chirality mask in flags.
      static int CHIRALITY_P
      Axially chiral atom with P configuration.
      static int CHIRALITY_r
      Pseudo-asymmetric chiral atom of r configuration.
      static int CHIRALITY_R
      Chiral atom of R configuration.
      static int CHIRALITY_s
      Pseudo-asymmetric chiral atom of s configuration.
      static int CHIRALITY_S
      Chiral atom of S configuration.
      R/S shown always.
      R/S shown always and highlight possible chiral centers as well.
      R/S not shown for any molecule.
      R/S shown only if chiral flag is set in molecule or the atom's enhanced stereo type is absolute.
      static int CIS
      Cis double bond.
      static int CIS_TRANS
      Cis and trans double bond mask.
      static int CTUMASK
      Double bond stereo mask.
      static int CTUNKNOWN
      As of Marvin 6.1,
      static int CTUNSPEC
      Unspecified double bond.
      static int DBS_ALL
      Double bond stereo checking for all double bonds.
      static int DBS_MARKED
      Double bond stereo checking for marked double bonds only.
      static int DBS_NONE
      No double bond stereo checking.
      static int ENDO
      Non-CIP stereodescriptor, endo (relative configuration).
      static int EXO
      Non-CIP stereodescriptor, exo (relative configuration).
      static int PARITY_ALLENE
      Atom with allene like parity.
      static int PARITY_EITHER
      Odd or even parity.
      static int PARITY_EVEN
      Chiral atom of even parity (counterclockwise arrangement).
      static int PARITY_MASK
      Parity mask in flags.
      static int PARITY_NONE
      Atom with no parity.
      static int PARITY_ODD
      Chiral atom of odd parity (clockwise arrangement).
      static int PARITY_TETRAHEDRAL
      Atom with tetrahedral parity.
      static int PARITY_UNSPEC
      Unspecified parity flag.
      static int STGRP_ABS
      Absolute stereo group type for enhanced stereo representation.
      static int STGRP_AND
      AND stereo group type for enhanced stereo representation.
      static int STGRP_NONE
      Empty stereo group type setting meaning no enhanced stereo label.
      static int STGRP_OR
      OR stereo group type for enhanced stereo representation.
      static int SYN
      Non-CIP stereodescriptor, syn (relative configuration).
      static int TRANS
      Trans double bond.