Interface ParameterPanelHandler

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@PublicAPI public interface ParameterPanelHandler
Plugin parameter panel handler interface. Parameter panel components should implement this to enable user parameter setting and fetching the user settings from the component in a uniform way - to be accessed by the central plugin handling mechanism.
  • Method Details

    • getComponent

      Component getComponent()
      Returns the parameter panel component. This can be the object implementing this interface, in which case simply return this.
      the parameter panel component
    • getParameters

      void getParameters(Properties params)
      Returns the plugin parameters. These can be stored parameters if the panel is not showing, but should be the currently visible parameter settings if the component is showing.
      params - is the properties object to be filled with the plugin parameters
    • getStoredParameters

      void getStoredParameters(Properties params)
      Returns the stored parameters. All parameter items are included (also disabled).
      params - is the properties object to be filled with the plugin parameters
    • saveParameters

      void saveParameters()
      Saves parameters from parameter panel. Should store the current settings in order to restore them later in reloadParameters(). (Called when "OK" is pressed: GUI -> INNER STORE)
    • reloadParameters

      void reloadParameters()
      Reloads previously stored parameters to parameter panel. (Called when "Cancel" is pressed: INNER STORE -> GUI)
    • restoreDefaultParameters

      void restoreDefaultParameters()
      Restores default parameters to parameter panel. (Called when "Restore Defaults" is pressed: DEFAULTS -> GUI)
    • verifyParameters

      boolean verifyParameters()
      Verifies parameters on the parameter panel.
      true if parameter setting is accepted, false otherwise
    • isOkActionEnabled

      boolean isOkActionEnabled()
      Returns true if "OK" button is enabled.
      true if "OK" button is enabled
      Marvin 5.4