Class AromaticityCheckerResult

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@PublicAPI public class AromaticityCheckerResult extends DefaultStructureCheckerResult
A descendant of DefaultStructureCheckerResult for identifying aromaticity problems, thus errorType property is StructureCheckerErrorType.AROMATICITY
Marvin 5.3
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    • AromaticityCheckerResult

      public AromaticityCheckerResult(StructureChecker source, List<MolAtom> atoms, List<MolBond> bonds, Molecule molecule, String description, int aromataType, String name, String localMenuName, String helpText, Icon icon)
      Constructor which initialize all the properties. errorType property is StructureCheckerErrorType.AROMATICITY by default.
      source - is the StructureChecker instance which identified the problem
      atoms - a List of MolAtom which contains the affected atoms of the problem
      bonds - a List of MolBond which contains the affected bonds of the problem
      molecule - is a Molecule instance which contains the described problem
      description - is short information about the problem
      aromataType - is the type of the aromatization method what the checker instance used to identify the problem
      name - is the name of the checker which found the described problem
      localMenuName - is a String which should be shown in the local menu of Marvin Sketch
      helpText - is help message for the problem
      icon - is an instance of Icon which will be shown in Marvin Sketch checker dialogs
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