Class BondAngleCheckerResult

    • Constructor Detail

      • BondAngleCheckerResult

        public BondAngleCheckerResult​(StructureChecker source,
                                      List<MolAtom> atoms,
                                      List<MolBond> bonds,
                                      Molecule molecule,
                                      chemaxon.calculations.clean.fixers.MoleculeCheckerFixer.WrongAngleBonds angleCheckerResult,
                                      String description,
                                      String name,
                                      String localMenuName,
                                      String helpText,
                                      Icon icon)
        Constructor which initialize all the properties. errorType property is StructureCheckerErrorType.EXPLICIT_H by default.
        source - is the StructureChecker instance which identified the problem
        atoms - a List of MolAtom which contains the affected atoms of the problem
        bonds - a List of MolBond which contains the affected bonds of the problem
        molecule - is a Molecule instance which contains the described problem
        description - is short information about the problem
        angleCheckerResult - the internal representation of the angle checker result
        name - is the name of the checker which found the described problem
        localMenuName - is a String which should be shown in the local menu of Marvin Sketch
        helpText - is help message for the problem
        icon - is an instance of Icon which will be shown in Marvin Sketch checker dialogs
    • Method Detail

      • getAngleCheckerResult

        public chemaxon.calculations.clean.fixers.MoleculeCheckerFixer.WrongAngleBonds getAngleCheckerResult()
        Returns the internal representation of the angle checker result, which contains all information required to fix bond angle errors.
        the internal representation of the angle checker result