Class BondLengthCheckerResult

    • Constructor Detail

      • BondLengthCheckerResult

        public BondLengthCheckerResult​(StructureChecker source,
                                       List<MolAtom> atoms,
                                       List<MolBond> bonds,
                                       Molecule molecule,
                                       chemaxon.calculations.clean.fixers.MoleculeCheckerFixer.WrongLengthBonds wrongLengthBonds,
                                       String description,
                                       String name,
                                       String localMenuName,
                                       String helpText,
                                       Icon icon)
        Constructor which initialize all the properties. errorType property is StructureCheckerErrorType.EXPLICIT_H by default.
        source - is the StructureChecker instance which identified the problem
        atoms - a List of MolAtom which contains the affected atoms of the problem
        bonds - a List of MolBond which contains the affected bonds of the problem
        molecule - is a Molecule instance which contains the described problem
        description - is short information about the problem
        wrongLengthBonds - the internal representation of bond length checker result
        name - is the name of the checker which found the described problem
        localMenuName - is a String which should be shown in the local menu of Marvin Sketch
        helpText - is help message for the problem
        icon - is an instance of Icon which will be shown in Marvin Sketch checker dialogs
    • Method Detail

      • getWrongLengthBonds

        public chemaxon.calculations.clean.fixers.MoleculeCheckerFixer.WrongLengthBonds getWrongLengthBonds()
        Returns the internal representation of the bond length checker result, which contains all information required to fix bond length errors.
        the internal representation of the bond length checker result