Package chemaxon.jep

Interface ChemContext

All Superinterfaces:
chemaxon.marvin.util.CallbackIface, Serializable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AtomContext, MolContext, ReactionContext

@PublicAPI public interface ChemContext extends chemaxon.marvin.util.CallbackIface, Serializable
Interface of expression evaluation contexts. Provides function names for accessing context elements through the CallbackIface.
JChem 2.2, Marvin 5.1
  • Method Details

    • getContextFunctionNames

      String[] getContextFunctionNames()
      Returns context element accessor function names. Implementations override this method to add specific context elements accessors.
      the context element accessor function names
    • callback

      Object callback(String method, Object arg)
      Implements CallbackIface. Implementations override this method to implement the specific context elements accessors returned by getContextFunctionNames().
      Specified by:
      callback in interface chemaxon.marvin.util.CallbackIface
      method - is the accessor method name (returned by getContextFunctionNames())
      arg - is the accessor method argument (the JEP parameter stack as null, a single parameter object or a parameter object array depending on the number of parameters on the stack)
      the context element
    • clear

      void clear()
      Clears the context.