Class Control

Direct Known Subclasses:
DihedralControl, GlobalLocationControl, GlobalOrientationControl, LocalLocationControl, LocalOrientationControl, ResizeControl

@PublicAPI public abstract class Control extends Object
Transformation on a GraphicComponent that changes the coordinates, and not just the view.
Marvin 4.0.2
  • Field Details


      protected static final int DEFAULT_SIZE
      See Also:
    • ambient

      protected static float[] ambient
    • diffuse

      protected static float[] diffuse
    • specular

      protected static float[] specular
    • shininess

      protected static float shininess
    • x

      protected double x
    • y

      protected double y
    • size

      protected int size
    • center

      protected float[] center
    • monitor

      protected Monitor monitor
    • component

      protected GraphicComponent component
  • Constructor Details

    • Control

      protected Control()
      Creates a new instance of Control
  • Method Details

    • getCenter

      public float[] getCenter()
      Returns the center of the transformation.
    • setCenter

      public void setCenter(float[] center)
      Sets the center of the transformation.
    • setComponent

      public void setComponent(GraphicComponent gc)
      Sets the component to the transformation.
    • control

      public abstract void control(int x, int y)
      Does control on x-y events. E.g. translation on x-y axes.
    • control

      public abstract void control(int z)
      Does control on z event. E.g. translation on z axis.
    • projectVector

      protected void projectVector(float[] vector3)
    • getColor

      public abstract byte[] getColor()
      Returns the color of the control.