Contains the core classes of MarvinSpace including the graphic canvas and the basic visualizer classes.
  • Class
    The AtomProperty class provides access to chemical properties of Molecule atoms by atom index.
    Class for representing a bounding box of any component in the 3D space.
    Class to identify cells and components.
    Class to identify parts of GraphicComponents mainly during selection.
    GraphicCell is a rectangular part of the OpenGL2 canvas containing GraphicComponents.
    GraphicComponents are the basic objects what MarvinSpace can visualize and handle.
    GraphicScene is the main "entry point" to MarvinSpace.
    MacroMoleculeComponent is a visualizer of complex structures.
    Class that represents a surface of a molecule.
    MoleculeComponent is the basic visualizer of simple molecules in MarvinSpace.
    Easy-to-use functions of MarvinSpace, customizable gui for applets and applications.
    PharmacophoreArrow provides an extension of PharmacophorePoint to represent pharmacophores by introducing directionality.
    Simple spherical representation of a pharmacophoric point/area.
    SurfaceColoring is an easy-to-use tool to map different properties as colors onto surfaces.
    Class that represents a surface defined by its vertices, normal vectors and polygons.