Class StereoActivePart

  • @PublicAPI
    public class StereoActivePart
    extends Object
    Stereo active molecule part with stereo active atom index and its ligands which takes part in the stereo description.
    Marvin 5.6, 31/05/2011
    • Constructor Detail

      • StereoActivePart

        public StereoActivePart​(int stereoActiveIndex,
                                int[] ligandIndexes)
        Creates a new stereo active part.
        stereoActiveIndex - index of the stereo active atom
        ligandIndexes - array of stereo active atom's ligand indexes that take part in the stereo description
    • Method Detail

      • getStereoActiveAtom

        public int getStereoActiveAtom()
        Get the active atom index.
        active atom index
      • getLigands

        public int[] getLigands()
        Get the ligands of the stereo active atom which take part in the stereo description.
        the ligands
      • setAtomRefs

        public void setAtomRefs​(chemaxon.calculations.cip.CloneStateMapper mapper)
      • getStereoActiveRef

        public MolAtom getStereoActiveRef()
      • equalsTo

        public boolean equalsTo​(Object o,
                                int[] map)
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        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object