Class Util.StringScatterPlot

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class Util.StringScatterPlot
    extends Object
    ASCII scatter plot.
    • Constructor Detail

      • StringScatterPlot

        public StringScatterPlot()
        Construct an empty scatter plot.
    • Method Detail

      • addDataPoint

        public void addDataPoint​(double x,
                                 double y)
        Add new point to put.
        x - X coordinate of the point to add
        y - Y coordinate of the point to add
      • toString

        public String toString​(int cols,
                               int rows,
                               boolean xlabels,
                               boolean ylabels)
        Create a multiline representation of the given plot.
        cols - Character columns occupied
        rows - Rows occupied
        xlabels - Show min/max X axis values (occupies bottom row)
        ylabels - Shpw min/max Y axis values (occupies
        A String representation of the chart