Class LanceWilliamsMerges.Wards

    • Constructor Detail

      • Wards

        public Wards()
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      • dijk

        public double dijk​(int ni,
                           int nj,
                           int nk,
                           double dij,
                           double dik,
                           double djk)
        Description copied from interface: LanceWilliamsMerge
        Returns the distance of cluster k and the cluster resulted from merging cluster i and j.
        Specified by:
        dijk in interface LanceWilliamsMerge
        ni - Size of cluster i to be merged
        nj - Size of cluster j to be merged
        nk - Size of cluster k
        dij - Distance of clusters i and j
        dik - Distance of clusters i and k
        djk - Distance of clusters j and k
        Distance of cluster k and cluster i-j merged