Interface FloatVectorDescriptor

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    Descriptor, Guarded, Serializable
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    public interface FloatVectorDescriptor
    extends Descriptor, Serializable
    FloatVectorDescriptor is a Descriptor which holds a float vector fingerprint.

    FloatVectorDescriptor is a bare form descriptor.

    Please note that this interface is marked with @Beta annotation, so it can be subject of incompatible changes or removal in later releases.

    • Method Detail

      • getFP

        float[] getFP()
        Gets the float array representation of the fingerprint.

        The returned array might be the the internal representation array so changing the values is forbidden. Please note that this behavior is not guaranteed, the returned array can be a non cached copy of the represented vector generated on every invocation.

        float array
      • getMaximumNorm

        double getMaximumNorm()
        Maximum norm of the represented vector.

        Note that the actual implementation might or might not cache the returned value.

        Maximum of the absolute values of the coordinates
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