Class MDTableReader<D extends Descriptor>

  • Type Parameters:
    D - Represented descriptor bare type
    Direct Known Subclasses:
    CfpTableReader, EcfpTableReader, PfTableReader

    public abstract class MDTableReader<D extends Descriptor>
    extends Object
    Deserialize fingerprint from MDTable (JChem).

    Please note that this interface is marked with @Beta annotation, so it can be subject of incompatible changes or removal in later releases.

    • Constructor Detail

      • MDTableReader

        public MDTableReader()
    • Method Detail

      • read

        public abstract D read​(byte[] serialized)
        Generates a descriptor from a byte array. Note that compatibility of the descriptor configuration used to create the serialized form and the one used to create this reader instance can not be checked. The binary form read by this method is compatible only with the binary form provided by the chemaxon.descriptors API implementation for the represented XML configuration. This binary form is not compatible with the DescriptorSerializer represented by the DescriptorGenerator returned by getDescriptorGenerator().
        serialized - Serialize byte array representation
        a bare descriptor form
      • getXmlConfig

        public abstract String getXmlConfig()
        Gets configuration string.
        xml config
      • getDescriptorGenerator

        public abstract DescriptorGenerator<D> getDescriptorGenerator()
        Associated descriptor generator. Associated generator is compatible with the read descriptors created by method read(byte[]). Note that the DescriptorSerializer exposed by the returned generator is not compatible with the binary form represented by this reader.
        Associated generator
      • getStandardizerWrapper

        public abstract StandardizerWrapper getStandardizerWrapper()
        Get represented standardizer wrapper. Note that the represented standardizer configuration might not be recognized by an implementation. In these cases an IllegalStateException is thrown.
        Represented standardizer wrapper
        IllegalStateException - When represented standardizer configuration is not recognized
      • createNewReader

        public static MDTableReader<? extends Descriptor> createNewReader​(String xmlConfig)
        Create an MDTableReader from the xml configuration string.
        xmlConfig - xml config
        an MDTableReader implementation
        IllegalArgumentException - invalid xml string