Class BvParameters

    • Constructor Detail

      • BvParameters

        public BvParameters​(BvParameters.Builder builder)
        Constructor based on a builder.
        builder - Builder which current state will be represented.
      • BvParameters

        public BvParameters()
        Construct with default values.
    • Method Detail

      • getDescriptorGenerator

        public BvGenerator getDescriptorGenerator()
        Description copied from interface: DescriptorParameters
        Return the represented descriptor generator.

        Please note that certain descriptors might provide multiple DescriptorGenerator implementations for different descriptor representations. (Consider structure based fingerprints feature list/feature counts/folded finite binary vector representations.) Such different descriptor generators might be exposed through their parameters object as multiple factory methods.

        Specified by:
        getDescriptorGenerator in interface DescriptorParameters
        Associated generator
      • createNewBuilder

        public static BvParameters.Builder createNewBuilder()
        Construct a builder for this parameter class, initialized to default.
        Builder initialized to default settings
      • getLength

        public int getLength()
        Returns represented fingerprint length (bit count) setting.

        Note that length is positive and multiply of 64 (bitcount of long).

        Fingerprint length
      • getStringFormat

        public BvParameters.StringFormat getStringFormat()
        Returns represented string format.
        String format used when converting descriptors to/from strings
      • getEndianness

        public BinaryVectors.Endianness getEndianness()
        Endianness of packing operations.

        Binary vectors (fingerprints) represent a fixed number of bits identified by bit indices. The same fingerprint can be represented as a binary string, int, long or byte array. The first bit (having index 0), always maps to the first element from each of the packed array representations. Further mapping is determined by the endianness parameter.

        Endianness of packing operations.